Hypnosis (trance)  is an altered state of consciousness that occurs naturally in every human being.  Here are some examples of natural hypnotic states:

  • Driving in your car wanting to go to a specific exit on the parkway and realizing you've passed your exit.
  • Staring into a blazing fireplace.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Sitting and watching television.
  • Watching a movie
  • Noticing you've been staring at something for a long period of time.

The difference between the naturally occurring states described above and the hypnotic state you enter when you visit a Certified Hypnotist  is that the hypnotist induces the natural state in order to give you positive suggestions.


Is hypnosis by telephone as effective as a face-to-face hypnotic session?

Since the hypnotic state occurs when you are asked to close your eyes and listen to the hypnotist, a hypnosis by telephone session is actually more convenient and comfortable.  No travel time, no fuss over your appearance and the time and date of your hypnosis by telephone session is arranged at a mutually convenient time. 


Three easy steps....

 1.  Click on "Audio Programs"  

  2.  Click on "Personalized Hypnosis" 

  3.  Click on "Hypnosis by Telephone or Skype"

Your session is paid for in advance and a mutually convenient appointment is scheduled!


Frequently asked questions about hypnosis....

1 Can I be made to do something I do not want to do?
Can hypnotic suggestion create a permanent result?
Will I reveal secrets in hypnosis?
What is the difference between a hypnosis show and a private hypnosis session?
Can everyone be hypnotized?
What benefits can I gain  with hypnosis? 
What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Can I be made to do something I do not want to do?

Hollywood movies and sensational television depictions of hypnosis have left the public with the impression that a hypnotist or hypnotherapist can force you to do something you do not wish to do.  Because on some level your conscious mind is aware, you  cannot be made to do anything you are morally opposed to. 

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Can hypnotic suggestion create a permanent result ?

Hypnotic suggestions can become a permanent part of your thinking with reinforcement.  Although there have been many one-session miracles with hypnosis, permanent results will be attained with repetition and your cooperation with the hypnotic suggestion.  Repetition of suggestion is accomplished with repeated sessions, reinforcement audio cassettes and self-talk.

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Will I reveal secrets in hypnosis?

You are always in control of your mental processes and you will not reveal anything you do not wish to.  However, if you are in therapy for a particular goal and you withhold information connected with that goal, you will reduce the effectiveness of your therapy.

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What is the difference between a hypnosis show, a private hypnosis session and a telephone hypnosis session?

In a hypnosis show, the hypnotist is using hypnosis for fun and entertainment.

In a private session a hypnotist uses knowledge of how to give effective positive suggestion to achieve the goals of a client. 

In a hypnosis by telephone session, you remain in your comfortable space without having to travel.  Since it is the voice and chosen words of the skilled hypnotist that induces the hypnotic state, there is actually no need to be face-to-face.  

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Can everyone be hypnotized ?

Most people who are able to focus and are intelligent enough to understand the process can be hypnotized.  People who are overly analytical or who have issues of control may take a longer time to learn how to enter into the state of hypnosis.  The individual who is sincere and serious about creating a positive change will have results.

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What benefits can I gain with hypnosis ?

  • A more relaxed attitude towards life.
  • Greater insight into yourself.
  • Increased motivation.
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • Freedom from cigarettes
  • Natural weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Athletic excellence
  • A higher level of energy
  • A balanced body
  • Relaxed test taking
  • Empowerment 
  • Increased sales abilities
  • Expanded creativity
  • Heightened concentration
  • Relaxed childbirth
  • A calmer attitude
  • Confident public speaking
  • Memory enhancement
  • Techniques for relieving physical discomfort


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Author:  Anna Vitale, C. Ht., C.I.
Copyright © 2002  All rights reserved.

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