Prerequisite:  Hypnosis Basics, Intermediate Hypnosis

Successful completion of all classes, including homework assignments and passing grade on examination will take you to the professional level!

This class will reveal the advanced skills you need for working with requests that go beyond relaxing a client,  smoking and weight.  The advanced techniques you will learn include both practical and more spiritual approaches to motivating your client. 

You will learn how to:

  • Use confusion to create hypnosis!
  • Use metaphors as a powerful suggestion!
  • Use words that create a hypnotic state without a hypnotic induction!
  • Use hypnotic suggestions that your client will not reject!
  • Use visualizations that inspire good health practices!
  • Create visualizations to motivate the child within us all!
  • Inspire a client's recall!
  • Help a client reach his higher spiritual self!
  • Heighten your client's concentration abilities!
  • Inspire a relaxed childbirth!
  • And much, much more!

Investment:  $695.00

 Upon successful completion of classwork and examination,  you will be registered with The National Guild of Hypnotists as a Certified Hypnotist and receive a year's membership, a year's subscription to educational publications by The National Guild of Hypnotists!

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