Yes, hypnosis can take place without driving or travel!  If you are motivated to work on a goal but live too far away or are unable to travel for whatever reason, this is for you!  The most powerful part of a hypnotic induction is the sound of my trained hypnotic voice!   Just close your eyes, relax and listen to my words and experience the power of hypnotic suggestion!  You'll be amazed at how our hypnotic telephone session will leave you calm, relaxed and on your way to your goal!  Hypnosis by telephone will work whether you have a speaker telephone or not! 

Here's how to schedule your hypnosis by telephone session:

Option 1:  Contact me directly via email with your request:  mindlight1@aol.com.  State your desired goal.  I will respond and we'll continue our conversation online.


1.  Fill out the "Contact Us" form (see top upper left)  and explain that you want telephone hypnosis. Please give a brief description of your desired goal with our session.  

2.  Pay for your session online by looking at any "audio program" category and finding the words "Hypnosis By Telephone." 

3.  Each telephone session is timed for one hour we will both agree to..  Depending on your geographical location, you may be required to absorb the cost of the telephone call by calling in at the appointed time.

4.  You may book up to three consecutive sessions at one session.

5.  The session will consist of about ten minutes of discussion followed by 45 minutes of hypnosis and five minutes of closing discussion.

Note:  More than one session may be required for your goal. 

 Anna Vitale, C.H. is a professional hypnotist with a practice in hypnosis since 1987.    She is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or licensed counselor.    Anna Vitale, C. H., C.I. reserves the right to refuse a hypnotic telephone session and will refund your payment upon making that decision.  

Anna Vitale, C.H. reserves the right to refuse any goal based upon her judgment.  In such event, your prepaid fee will be returned to you via mail.