How does it work?  When you come for a hypnotic session your eyes are closed anyway and it is my trained hypnotic voice that creates change.    Sessions by telephone (or SKYPE) work in the same way as an office session except that you are in the convenience of your chosen environment.UESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT PRIVATE SESSIONS


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What can I expect in my first session with Anna Vitale, C. Ht.?

In your first session you will meet with Anna Vitale, C. Ht.. and discuss your goals in complete privacy and confidentiality.  Your background and past patterns will be reviewed.   Next a session plan will be developed with consideration for your future aspirations.  You will be educated on what hypnosis is and how it works so that you will understand the process thoroughly.  Your first session will be the longest session, consisting of one and a half hours.  Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes long.

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How many sessions will I need?

For simple goals, you may only need one session.   But be realistic.  If you have a lifetime of negative living, you will probably benefit from ongoing sessions. Generally, here are some common goals and recommended session times:

Weight:   4 sessions

Smoking:  2 sessions

Calmer Life Management:   2 or more sessions depending on the degree of challenges you are facing.

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How long does a session take?

The first session is the longest because your patterns will be reviewed as well as your history.  You also need the time to understand what hypnosis is and to experience hypnosis for the first time.  Time:  1 hour 30 minutes.

Follow up sessions are generally 45 minutes to one hour.

If you require more time, it must be pre-arranged. 

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Will I be able to remember what happened during the session?

Contrary to popular misconception, you will be able to hear and remember the session.

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How will I know the hypnosis worked?

The results of hypnotic suggestion vary with each individual. Sometimes the effects are dramatic.  Sometimes they are subtle.   For example:  If the suggestion is for weight management, you may find yourself staying away from cookies, cakes and candy without any effort.   If the suggestions is to stop smoking, you will find you have lost interest in cigarettes.   With stress management, you may notice you feel much more relaxed and unaffected by things that used to create problems.


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Where are private sessions held?

In Northern Queens.  Address will be provided when session is scheduled.

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Author:  Anna Vitale, C. Ht.
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