Anthony D. Frisolone:   Anna, thank you for helping me get through school and my certifications with your audio tapes and CD's.  I had panic attacks in school and almost quit until I got a copy of your tape.  I wore out the tape and got the CD and here I am 20 years later as a reporter.    May 2013                                                                    Christine Casimira         April 26, 2013

I listened to Test Anxiety for the first time last night and all I can say is Anna is DA BOMB! I have listened to all sorts of hypnosis and other types of CDs such as binaural beats for well over a decade and Anna is the best by far! Plus, I had the most wonderful trippy dreams last night. After I take Senor Einstein Kitty to the vet this morning, I am getting on my machine and Imma gonna show my practice tests who's the boss :)


April 2013



April 2013 I used the test anxiety CD to help me smash the literary leg of the RPR in January. I have never written so cleanly in a testing situation and -- I don't mean like a little better -- I mean night and day different. I have been listening to it daily for over a month in anticipation of next week's RPR. 225 is going down and I will be an RPR finally. The heightened concentration CD just got here this week, and I can't wait to use that after the RPR. Thank you, Anna, and welcome Aimee Edwards-Altadonna

I just wanted to thank you so much for this great CD.  I received it a few weeks ago and listened to it on a day I was going to do testing.  I PASSED both my 200 QA tests on the FIRST DAY I listened to the CD.  I really think it helped me.  I am so grateful that I found your site.  Will be back for more.  Thanks so much.

Jessica Mitsui   May 2013

April 2013


I was listening to it today and was concerned I might not be relaxed enough.  And then my phone rang.  I was using my phone as my speaker for the CD and damn if I wasn't jolted right back into alertness.  I didn't realize hor relaxed I was until I wasn't!

Power practice arrived today and it's great!  I have been under a lot of stress with finals approaching.  It was like a heavy weight was lifted after listening to this.

Lorna Halbert May 3, 2013


Anna, I just had to let you  know how much Power Pratrice is helping me.  You were absolutely right that this was the one I needed and there has been a measurable difference in my writing in just two days!  Thank you!  Kecia Howell April 2013

I just got two of the hypnosis CDs last week. I found out today I passed my 180 2-minute Q&A! I listen to the test anxiety one every day.  Angie Williams Shaw 

"First I would like to thank you for your techniques in hypnotherapy!  As a court reporting student I gained incredible concentration..the kind necessary to graduate from my program in two years time.

"The day I knew I'd become a reporter was the day I passed a particular 180 testimony.  Unbeknowst to me, during the dictation test a window washer suddenly appeared on our window ledge and was doing his job.  I still remember the class reaction at the end of that take.  Everyone was complaining and asking for a retake....but not me.  I couldn't wait to type!  I got a 98.6%!   I still listen to the Heightened Concentration tape.  I like my 20 minute cat naps.  They're very rejuveniating.

",,,,Test Anxiety was also a useful tool.  I used to buy a hand towel and place it on my knee.  You see, my hands used to sweat and cause sloppy writing.  In preparation for tests I would wipe and wipe the moisture away and then position my hands for the test.  After incorpoationt this tape into my regimen I overcame those anxieties and reached my goals.

Today I am perfecting my real time writing skills and looking forward to attaining my next goal: captionist."

Elizabeth Maki, Realtime Reporter

"Thank you so much for all of the tapes you have sent me.  I am working with the Beyond Excellence tape now and it is helping me to relax and to believe in myself as a reporter.  In November I took the NPR test.  I knew that I had passed the test immediately after taking it.  I had listened to the Test Anxiety tape in preparation as well as the Beyond Excellence tape.  Usually during tests I've had a running dialogue in my head of mostly negative thoughts, but this time I gave myself a pretty continuous flow of positive feedback.  That really did the trick for me!"

Dolores M. Calderon, Ventura, California

"I am a court reporting student.  I have listened to your "Test  Anxiety Achievment Through Relaxation" audio cassettes for court reporters,   I LOVE IT!"

Kathy Wige, Renton, Washington

"The students who ordered tapes are feeling the benefits every day"

Pat O'Malley, Lincoln Nebraska