Just a few comments about recent hypnosis sessions:

"I was there to see you last wednesday for hypnosis and I just want to tell you that it was the most wonderful experience.   I feel so good and the tape I do every morning and it's just fabulous, it's excellent, excellent,  best medicine I've ever had.  I just wanted to give you that message and tell you how appreciative I am for the wonderful work you do.  I'll be in touch and I'll be watching you on TV.  Thank you so much again.  It's been an amazing, amazing experience."  Arlene Hyman, Queens, NY

"I feel so much better!  I feel as though I can tackle anything!" - Ericka Muhsen, Queens, NY

"I visited you last Wednesday for a Hypnosis session.  I'm just e-mailing you to let you know of the tremendous results I'm experiencing since then.  My life is so much better."  Debbie Ann Sammy, Queens NY.

"My memory of Friday's session is now very lucid and all I have to say is 'wow.'  I love going deep in hypnosis.  I am intrigued by phenomenon and like to experience to truly see what the human mind is capable of."    Joanne Frankel, Brooklyn, NY

In one session you changed my life!"  Charles Grey, NYC

"When I came to you I was on the brink of being fired from my job because of my anger problems.  In a few sessions, I've done a complete turn around.  My life is now headed in a positive direction." Bill Antonucci, Queens, NY