Now you can watch some of our programs online! 

Here's what a few viewers have to say about Mindlight TV:  

About the program:  "Clearing Away Clutter:"  "Excellent! Simply Excellent!! Since last, I shared this with a few other friends too, who have loved it too!  The sincerity with which you speak and carry yourself in the show is what makes the show more powerful.  It reflects the depth and breadth of your experience and hence your wisdom."  Viewer, Queens NY

n "Ten Steps To Self Empowerment" ..." I just happened to be channel surfing saw your show excellent show best I've ever seen on the subject. Unbelievable!  Keep up the good work!   I hope you can actually reach a lot of people with that information that you gave everybody.. It's, like, one of the best shows I've ever seen on the subject.  B.  Edwards, Brooklyn, NY

".....I just saw your program on the public access channel and I want to tell you that I thihk that's a great message that you have.  A lot of people don't know about the subconscious the power that it has.   I just want to commend you on doing such a great job in explaining it..  I don't know how money related your jobs is but I think part of you does it ot make a difference."   S.Molina

"I've watched your show every once in a blue moon.  I have some things I'm going through and when I saw your show it touched me."  Roland, Queens NY

"I enjoy watching your program last night on TV.  I just  happened to put the TV on and started to change the channels when you came on and I couldn't change it once you came on. I found you to be so true!  I was in that same situation and I hope I'm going to learn a lot from your program. I look forward to watching you again next Monday and ocntinine learning from you.  Thank you so much and you gave such great advice and I really really enjoyed it."  Annmarie, Long Island, NY

"Your show helps me to reflect and recharge my "batteries" sort of speak.  Working with youngsters can be challenging and emotionally draining.  You mentioned on the show to send an email in order to receive an outline, for Self-hypnosis I think.  What ever the outline is for please send it to me. 

     Thank you so much for the work that you do, for the patience you have when you speak to the audience and I am thrilled to have found your TV station.  I just happened to catch your show by surfing the channels.  Please let me know when you are on.
Sincerely, Rossana"  
Rossanna Perez, NYC , Middle School Guidance Counselor

"......i just wanted to say that whenever i watch your show ...i start to
gain more confidence in my self.........your words trully motivate me and i
thank you!            -
  Ginarose, Queens, NY

"I hope you know how many lives you touch with your programs.  You have helped, not only myself, but others like me who sometimes need a little guidance and strength.  Your program is wonderful.  You always look beautiful and dress so nicely too. 

We all love you.  I hope you can continue to do your show, which brings so much to so many"

Patryce Farnsworth, Queens NY

" I was so delighted to find you for the first time on tv last night , you have a wonderful attractive magnetic presence that drew me in.  The 10 steps for empowerment you were speaking about comes to me at a time of my life when I am making life changes, re-examing and redesigning my values and attitudes.  Interesting that just when I am looking for answers you appear! Patricia, NYC

"Ms. Vitale, I just saw your show on the public access on cable.  Wonderful show!  I mean, it was just what I needed to see to confirm some of my own thoughts.  Just what I needed at the right time! ....Your show was very helpful and I hope for others who've not had any of those experiences of looking deep within themselves and trying to understand why they react the way they do; that your show will spark that interest in them will start them on that journey.  Wonderful!  Thank you so much Ms. Vitale"   Arthur W. Smith, NYC

"Every Tuesday night, when I come home late from work and finish my dinner, I look forward to watching this show. It's TV the way it should be but too often isn't. It's an educational show but more than that, it's enlightening.  It's a show that raises one's consciousness."  Sherry Dubin, Queens, NY.

"I discovered your program on television the other night and I have to tell you that it was very interesting and you were amazing.  I've never seen anybody talking with such passion like you did."   Anastasia, Queens, NY

"I have watched your TV program a few times and think you are an excellent Hypnotherapist."    Pete McGuinness, Queens NY

"I watched your show on TV.  You hypnotized a man to get rid of his bad habits. I was very impressed."  Linda Fiore, Nassau, NY

"I saw you on TV today and I loved every word you said.  You re so wise."  Naomi, NYC

"It's been many months since I viewed your first show but ever since that time I've been wanting to write and tell you how very much I enjoy you.  I wish you continued success in all that you do. You provide a valuable service to your community."   Carol Bateman, Queens NY.

"Caught your program on Mindlight and found it riveting.  Bravo!  Every time I see you it gets better.Phyllis Berzin, Queens NY

"I saw you on TV and as usual like you so much.  I don't know, but listening to you gives me confidence and I feel better.  Miriam Katz, Queens NY

"Last night I watched your program on weight/eating. It was excellent. Your use of words to describe what the actual foods are was very powerful.  Plus I liked the way you pointed out how advertising equates food with good times an happiness.  As always your observations are right on target.  I think you are wonderful and help a large audience."   Diane Leon-Ferdico, Administrator, New York University

"Thank you for your wisdom.  I turned the channel and you were exactly what I needed to hear."    Brooklyn Viewer Anonymous

"I just happened to come across your show Sunday evening and was shocked at how accurate you were when making reference to us."  Rosa Santiago, Bronx, NY