HYPNOSIS BY TELEPHONE OR SKYPE  Save travel time and expence!  This is an innovative yet powerfully effective hypnosis session accomplished in the comfort and privacy of home! 

Telephone hypnosis is a powerful one-to-one experience made effective with the hypnotic skills of Anna Vitale, C. H.   You will notice the effects of this session immediately.   Click on "Buy" then pay for your session with PayPal.  You may book more than one session online. 

Four sessions are recommended for weight.      Two sessions minimum for smoking cessation.  For all other goals, ongoing sessions may be necessary.  

You will be contacted by email after you have invested in your telephone session via PayPal to arrange a mutually convenient time.   

Barring technical difficulties, or a decision by Anna Vitale not to record the session, a CD copy of the session will be mailed to you at no additional cost.  

Anna Vitale, C. H.

Anna Vitale, C.H. Is a well known and respected professional hypnotist in private practice in the since 1987.  In addition to her experience of over twenty years, she has been a teach of hypnosis since 1990 and is Certified as an Instructor by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Anna Vitale, C. H.  holds no degrees in psychology, psychiatry, social work or counseling but her years of experience empowering  individuals from all walks of life have made her life changing skills a valuable asset to those whom she has worked with.   She is the host of a local weekly television series shown throughout the NYC area.   See "Television Schedule" on this home page.     

Anna Vitale, C. H.  reserves the right to refuse any requested goal.  If your request for a session is refused, your prepaid fee will be returned  by check through the U.S. Mail..  

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