HYPNOSIS BY TELEPHONE OR SKYPE  is a convenient way for individuals who cannot attend a private session to achieve the goals they want with telephone sessions!  It is a one-to-one experience by telephone with the hypnotic skills of an experienced professional hypnotist like Anna Vitale that will bring you the results you want.  Click on "Buy" then pay for your session with PayPal.  You may book more than one session online. 

Four sessions are recommended for weight.      Two sessions minimum for smoking cessation.  For all other goals, ongoing sessions may be necessary.  

You will be contacted by email after you pay for your session to scheule for a mutually convenient date and  time.

Anna Vitale, C. H.

Anna Vitale, C.H. Is a well-respected professional hypnotist in private practice in the since 1987.  She is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. 

She holds no degrees in psychology, psychiatry, social work or counseling and reserves the right to refuse any requested goal.  If your request for a session is refused, your prepaid fee will be returned  by check through the U.S. Mail..  

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