Hypnosis for Change!

Everything in Life Begins with a Thought!

Our thoughts about what life presents us on a daily basis can transform challenges into empowerment.  The obstacles we are all destined to face from time to time are there for us to learn from.    Challenges are our greatest teachers!  Learn the lessons and begin to truly live an empowered life!   

All thoughts are created within our subjective minds and as the creator of the thoughts, we have the power to un-create them!  Once we are aware of this, we are free to make empowered choices.  A positive mind not only creates a more meaningful life but can actually influence your physiology!

 Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can change your thinking, your actions and your life!  

See  New York Times Article, Nov. 22, 2005

"This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis" by Sandra Blakeslee

Exerpts:  "Recent brain studies of people who are susceptible to suggestion indicate that when they act on the suggestions their brains show profound changes in how they process information.  The suggestions, researchers report, literally change what people see, hear, feel and believe to be true."

"....hypnosis has been used in medicine since the 1950's to treat pain and more recently as a treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, irritable bowel syndrome and eating disorders."