In Private Professional Hypnosis Practice since 1987

Certified Instructor of Hypnosis since 1993

"The hypnotic methods I use are personalized for each individual client's needs and are not restricted by structured hypnotic techniques. I have received a wealth of education from many notable hypnosis educators and my self-education in psychology has integrated itself into heightened intuitive skills which empower clients from all walks of life."

Specializing in Motivation and Self-Empowerment

Award-winning producer / host of MINDLIGHT Television series since 1990

Pioeering developer of a unique mind-body hypnosis technique on audio: "Hypnoaesthetics."

Creator of MINDLIGHT Audio/Video Self-Empowerment programs.

Creator/Producer of the mind-music series for relaxation, meditation, contemplation and hypnosis.

Adjunct faculty member

National Guild of Hypnotists, Marlborough, Massachusetts

American Board of Hypnotist Examiners, Glendale, California

The Mid-America Hypnosis Association, Chicago, Illinois

International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Adult Education Programs in Hypnosis

Queens College

Queensborough Community College

Locust Valley, NY Adult Education program


New Life Expo

Whole Life Expo

Motivational Speaker and workshop leader for professional organizations corporate groups and fraternal organizations.

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