Individualized Audio Program

Every unique human being has an entirely different set of life experiences and goals. A personalized audio program can be tailored to accomplish your specific goal and can make a dynamic difference in your life.

Your personalized program will have no duplicate anywhere in the world. Just supply the brief information we need, and e-mail it back to us. Hypnotic suggestion is more effective when one specific goal is focused on in each program. I do my best to get personalized CD's out as soon as possible but I ask you to please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

Basic Information we need:

Full name, email address.

Choose your one immediate goal for one CD.

Answer these simple questions in your email to us:

1. What is your favorite relaxing place?

2. Are you able to visualize easily?

Send this basic information and I'll get to work on creating your very special hypnotic program.

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